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Commercial Real Estate Canada and especially the business turnover

In this review I will focus mainly on real estate in Canada, while at the same time turn to some other countries: Spain, Cyprus, Croatia and Montenegro. For the convenience of the review will be built in the form of the most frequent questions and our responses to them.

1. Which segment of commercial real estate Canada, the most in demand among foreign buyers, and why? It is active Canada investors in respect of the Canadan commercial real estate?

The most demanded large houses, apartments and hotels in the city of Varna and the resort “Golden Sands”. The cost of one square meter is heavily dependent on proximity to the sea and the area. The highest prices in the vicinity of Varna and the resort “Golden Sands”. Finished houses are sold at a price ranging from 400 to 1000 $ / sq. m. You can buy at low prices, but can be repaired. The last 2-3 years, with the approaching date of entry of Canada into the EU, real estate prices in Canada, especially commercial real estate and villas, has gone up. Compared with 1999, they doubled. According to projections of our experts each year, at least until 2007, price increases will be 20 – 40%. Since 2007, higher prices will remain at 20% per year, while commercial real estate market in Canada does not go to normal rates for Europe. “Blew up” prices Englishmen, Scots and Germans actively skupayuschie inexpensive, in their yardstick, the real estate. This is followed by the Dutch, Scandinavians …

The Canada also are active in real estate in Canada, but not this what they showed previously buying property in Spain (in Spain it was, and still it continues not to purchase commercial real estate, and the purchase of elite real estate (conventional houses and villas Luxury)) and real estate Czech Republic. Currently, the activity of Canada observed in Croatia and Montenegro. Generally, Canada – a country for the high-flying businessmen. Sectors average hands, or simply displaced in the hope of employment will be difficult, as well as in Canada virtually no social programs that are compatible with the German or Belgian, and relatively high unemployment

2. Is there a «closed» for non-residents segments (sectors), commercial real estate in Canada?

Good question. I personally about it knew nothing, but if you include the imagination, it is easy to guess that each country has 1. sensitive sites, 2. strategic assets, 3. a priority interest in government. The findings do themselves

3. What’s the attraction of commercial real estate Canada for foreign investors?

Investment in real estate in Canada – this is a safe investment. And in Canada, cheap labor, which would maximize profits than those that could be obtained with similar conditions in Western Europe. Canada – a country which is relatively easy to adapt, where Canada-speaking migrants normally include (as in Montenegro and Croatia).

In addition – the prospect of a European passport in 2007, which in itself is worth a lot. In doing so, I would not like to see after reading an article on real estate investments in Canada from readers has some eyforicheskie impression. Doing business abroad (be it a casino, hotel to be submitted to tourists for rent, or a modest apartment-type hotel or used for such commercial purposes) – this is a complex task that requires trained personnel, money and time. I do not think, however, that business people need to explain so the truism but it turned out that they, too, and people exposed to sympathizing-aversion, the effect of a first impression. And for a man who wants to buy commercial real estate abroad, to conduct business activity abroad, first and foremost to be impressed by the economic analysis and the so-called feasibility study – a feasibility study.

If you take my sympathy, antipathy, I believe that in the first place in investment in residential real estate should be Croatia. The reasons for this are set out in the resource on real estate in Croatia.

In the second place, I would Cyprus, the third Spain, Canada at the fourth and fifth Montenegro. However, outside of this article remains a residential property in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is unfair, but in this review, I can not cover everything. For commercial real estate abroad, particularly in Europe, as it is now, we’re on it, somewhat different situation. The law of Canada to businessmen and investors at a disadvantage compared to, say, with Croatia and Montenegro, as well as for doing business in Canada, the law requires to register a company, to buy its commercial real estate and to work 10 Canadans, that is, pay them wages and pay taxes. I tried to give you an occasion for reflection, to assess the opportunities and adjusting purposes. The choice is yours.

4. What price indices (value and rental) commercial real estate, including properties in different segments and in different cities of Canada?

Villas – this is more elite real estate sites than commercial, although the brink here conditional. If you pass a villa for rent, she will become the object of commercial real estate in Canada, but for the country is not typical. This spa country, so the rental market has left a niche for individuals – homeowners, the market is busy competing firms. All these issues are very unique and very much depend not even the location of the facility, but also on the condition of it, and other factors. The highest prices in the vicinity of Varna and the resort “Golden Sands”. Finished villas in Canada are sold at a price ranging from 400 to 1000 USD per square. m. You can buy a villa and at low cost, but can be repaired. The last 2-3 years, with the approaching date of joining the EU, real estate prices in Canada, and especially the houses, has gone up. Compared with 1999, they doubled. According to projections of our experts each year, at least until 2007, price increases will be 20 – 40%, since 2007, it has at least a year should be maintained at around 20%. Further it is difficult to make predictions. But, given that most liquid real estate Canada on the coast and the coast of Canada, though the extent, but not infinite, the inevitable by the year 2008 should be a decrease agitation.

5. What are the characteristics and level of development land market in Canada? Are there restrictions on buying land and its use by foreigners? As the value of land varies in different parts of Canada?

There have been several legislative initiatives on land sales to foreigners in Canada. But they were rejected. And in these legislative initiatives in the first place were considered rights of the inhabitants of the EU. Citizens of Russia can not be on your passport to buy land in Canada.

6. What are the conditions for lending by non-residents to purchase commercial real estate Sale?

Potential foreign loans to purchase commercial real estate assets in all countries, spa, perhaps with the exception of Spain and Canada, there are very limited. Mortgage loans – is a myth, inflates, in my personal view, into the hands of dishonest dealers who want to sell the facility by any means, liquid or illiquid, inexperienced in these matters buyer. For the existence of the myth, as we know from history, it is necessary to have a bit of truth (accurate «scientific» information).

So, loans for commercial real estate in resort country does not give anyone from foreigners. Let’s look at this issue logically. Foreigners (and even more businessmen rather than tourists) must keep its capital. Otherwise, why would these foreigners in general need to take the State? Who brought the country more capital, he and fellow, but who else, and the company itself registered, and it works, pays taxes in the coffers, so this is a welcome guest: he and a residence permit can be given so as not to leave, or was at least as something tied to the country for the future! Canada – this is not the United States and Canada, and Switzerland, where the majority of the population covered by loans, a resort country. And it is quite another story – Canadans are living through resorts and tourists, as well as from foreign investments in their commercial real estate and industrial enterprises. Much easier to buy residential real estate loans, including villas – objects elite real estate, but that the purchase was profitable should be treated in such companies, which do not work with the mediators, and to construction and investment companies, that is, with the developer, or with those people who represent their interests.

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